Customers installing solar power have been paid by EVNSPC over VND 4 billion

With electricity bills of over 2 million monthly, many households in Ho Chi Minh City switch to investing in using solar power in medium-sized form and selling, saving up to 40% and after several years of break even. continue to earn profit by reselling to the electricity industry.

According to the report on the operation situation in the first 6 months of 2019 of this unit EVNSPC, accumulated up to 8.7.2019, the whole Corporation has 4,071 customers who have installed two-way meters (2,498 single-phase meters and 1,573 meters) 3 phases: selling electricity through a rooftop solar project, the total output generated on the grid by 25.6.2019 is 4,487,131 kWh, with a total capacity of 96.94 MWp (101%) compared to the plan assigned by EVN is 65.65 MWp).

Also according to the above report, accumulated in the first 6 months of 2019, the total time of average power outage (SAIDI) is 108.45 / 153 minutes (implementation / plan); The average transient power loss (MAIFI) is 0.09 / 1 time (implementation / plan); The average frequency of power outages (SAIFI) is 0.97 / 2.67 times / customer (implementation / plan).

EVNSPC paid back over VND 4 billion

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